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5 Gallon Water Jug
Why Coolers and Drinkware you might ask? Because we see coolers and drinkware as Truck Equipment! Work trucks have coolers and water dispensers to provide hydration and refreshment during the work day. Most of the time jobsites are remote and this equipment becomes an essential part of the work day. Trucks and Jeeps used for recreation by definition are almost always remote and therefore have a need to keep food and beverages cold for long periods. Bulldog Winch offers 3 popular sized roto-molded Coolers 20, 45, and 65 Quart. These have extra thick refrigerator grade polyurethane foam insulation which keeps ice for days!! Also, we are introducing a brand-new roto-mold design 5 Gallon water/fluid dispenser. This takes the "water jug" to the next level with the same technology as the coolers. And because we see these as truck equipment we also offer a steel hard mount kit for the water dispenser and soon for all the coolers!
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Bulldog Winch
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